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Street vendors exploit a traffic jam in Accra, Ghana,

creating a supermarket that flows past the immobilized vehicles.

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Personalized coffins, demonstrating interests or professions, are popular in Ghana.

Was this coffin commissioned by a carpenter -- or by Tom DeLay?

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Our welcoming committee in Lom?Harbor (Togo),

Scene of much shipping but few visitors.

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School children in Badougbe Village, Togo

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The Fetish (Voodoo) Market in Lom? Togo.

This market stocks thousands of ingrediants for Voodoo tonics and fetishes.

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Voodoo ceremony in the Togo village of Agoe-Kieme

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The stilt village of Ganvie, in the marshes of Benin

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Fishermen on Lake Nokoue in Benin

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Many people in Cameroon dress up on Christmas Day.

These two siblings share a Christmas snack in the Botanical Park (Limb? Cameroon).

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Boxing-Day church service in Kribi, Cameroon

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"Cleanliness is a Good to be consumed without moderation"

(French-language banner above a main street in Kribi, Cameroon)

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Ruins of the plantation home of the Portugeuse Royal family in Sundi, Principe Island.

Principe Island was uninhabited when the Portugeuse discovered it around 1471 and imported many slaves.

20101227_073330_.jpg (133166 bytes)

Another view of the ruined ro? in Sundi (Principe Island), which is also where

Sir Arthur Eddington used a solar eclipse in 1919 to prove part of Einstein's theory of relativity.

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The Waterfall at S? Nicolau in S? Tom?Island.

The two islands of S? Tom?& Principe, 130 kilometers apart, is now one democratic country.

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The Mondah Rain Forest in Gabon, near Libreville

20101231_030114_.jpg (164452 bytes)

A boy near the Diosso Gorge in the Republic of Congo.

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Guests arrive for a dinner party in the Namib Desert (Namibia).

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The Namib Desert is believed to be the oldest desert in the world,

with some of the tallest and most spectacular dunes anywhere.

20110105_053358_.jpg (76179 bytes)

Peter & Lieschen, where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean

(photo by Prof. Lewis E. Wilson)

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