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Above: Two of the many "rock islands" of Palau

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Above: Lieschen snorkels in Jellyfish Lake

Freed from predators by the lake's disconnection from the Pacific Ocean, these jellyfish evolved over eons to lose their sting

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Above: Diving inside one of the Blue Holes

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Above: Grey Reef Sharks cruising in the current at the Blue Corner

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Above: Grey Reef Sharks cruise close to divers at the Blue Corner

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Above: A lobster tries out defensive maneuvers at its lair in the coral wall

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Above: A Nudibranch (with false eyes) and other life on the coral wall

Nudibranchs are essentially shell-less snails, with wide variety:


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Above: Symbiosis between an Anemone and an "Anemone Fish" (a/k/a "Clownfish")

See, e.g.:

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Above: A Green Turtle

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Above: A Fan Coral

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Above: A Crinoid (distant relative of the starfish)

Back on the scene after barely surviving the Permo-Triassic Extinction (

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Above: A Christmas Tree Worm (or at least its gills)

See, e.g.,

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Above: A Leaf Fish (facing leftward on frog-like fins) blends into the "Wreck at Buoy #6"


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