ITALY: May 2017



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The Village of Corniglia, one of the five "Cinque Terre" villages

that cling to a succession of cliffs on the Levante Riviera on Italy's west coast


The village of Monterosso;

The only Cinque Terre village with a proper beach


The Cinque Terre village of Manarola


A head-on view of Manarola


A head-on view of Riomaggiore,

another Cinque Terre village


A back street in Corniglia,

leading to a strenuous hike to Vernazza, the next Cinque Terre village


Inside the Cinque Terre village of Monterosso


Further into the back streets of Monterosso


An eclectic shop in Corniglia


An ancient staircase off the coastal path from Levanto to Bonassola


A back street in Volterra, a popular tourist town in Tuscany


A spiral staircase at the headquarters of the Antinori winery in Tuscany



Bologna: City of towers (and tramlines)

and the world's oldest university


Inside a library of the University of Bologna


Peter & Lieschen beneath the "Statue of the Giant" (Neptune) in Monterosso


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