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Sailing (and photographing) the Greek Isles

onboard the 116.47ft/35.5m Iraklis L Schooner


Enjoying the scenery, under sail from Antiparos to Ios



The Iraklis L docked at Ermoupoli


We dined most nights onboard the Iraklis L

(docked here at Ermoupoli)


The harbor at Kythnos

with unlucky octopi awaiting consumption


Ermoupoli, on Syros Isle, is the largest city in the Cyclades


The narrow, twisting streets of Mykonos were designed to defeat its fierce winds

(and also, in the past, to confuse pirate raids)


A back street in Naousa, on Paros Isle


Ios Town, on Ios Isle

a major party town, in spite of its numerous churches and chapels


We climb the volcanic cone of Nea Kameni Isle

with the city of Fira perched on top of Santorini Isle in the background


Fira, the capital of Santorini Isle, lies in a dangerous earthquake zone



Houses and churches on the cliff in Fira, rebuilt after the 1956 earthquake


The view from Fira over the Aegean


The streets of Nafplio, a seaport on the Peloponnese


The harbormaster at Ydra (Hydra) Isle guides us into port


Fishnets drying on the Ydra dock


Peter & Lieschen on the streets of Nafplio

(photo by Steven Rodman)


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