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The Eastern Himalaya, viewed from the top the Dochu Pass in Bhutan.


Prayer Flags, strung across a ravine near Thimphu, releasing their prayers into the wind.


Lieschen treks up the long trail to the Cheri Monastery.


The Cheri Monastery, Bhutan's premiere meditation center,

where monks retreat for three years, three months and three days.


The Coronation Day Archery Competition (archery being Bhutan's national sport):

Archers slow dance to celebrate a team member's hit (from a distance of 145 meters).


Cheerleaders at the Coronation Archery Competition, who not only cheer on their team

but also chant exquisitely obscene insults at the opposition.


The covered bridge leading to the Penakha Dzong (an administrative & religious fortress)

at the confluence of the Mo Chhu (Mother River) and Pho Chhu (Father River).


Inside the Penakha Dzong.


Within an inner courtyard of the Penakha Dzong,

a holy shrine invites entry (if you leave your shoes at the door).


Another inner courtyard of the Penakha Dzong.


Inside the Paro Dzong (the administrative & religious fortress in Paro).


A courtyard inside the Paro Dzong.


Inside the Paro Dzong.


The outer walls of Bhutanese houses commonly display symbols of fertility within,

which are also homage to the "Devine Madman" (Lama Drukpa Kunley, 1455-1529).


The "Tiger's Nest" Monastery (above center in cliff), where (it is said) Guru Rinpoche flew in on the back of a tigress

(a manifestation of his consort Yeshe Tsogyal), subdued the local demon,

and founded Bhutanese Buddhism in the 8th Century.


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