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The view from our rooftop restaurant

at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens


The ferry from Athens docks at Ydra (Hydra)

where automobiles are banned, but donkeys vie to carry your luggage


A back street in Ydra Village on Ydra Island


We explore the caves at Laconia by boat


We sail the Ionian Sea in the Messenia region


We visit temple ruins at Archea Olympia

where the Olympic Games were first played


Ice cream is plentiful in every Greek Isle village

including this village: Nydri on Lefkada Island


A "fixer upper" in Limeni village

in the Mani Region, Peloponnese


A church on Milos Island in the Cyclades


It's a long (and windy) walk

to the church at the top of Folegandros Island


We stop for drinks at a cafe high up on Folegandros Island


Lieschen discovers a real estate opportunity on Milos Island


Our chartered schooner, IRAKLIS L, docked at Kalymnos Island


The harbor at Symi Island.

Each Greek island has unique and attractive character


We arrive at Rhodes, one of the larger Greek Islands

and explore the main shopping street of the "Old Town"


But the "Old Town" of Rhodes mostly has narrow, twisting streets


One of the larger streets in the Old Town in the city of Rhodes


A doorway in the Old Town in the city of Rhodes


At Kallithea on the eastern coast of Rhodes Island


Lieschen & Peter at the top of Milos Island

(photo by Prof. Edward Altman)



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