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The Hagia Sophia, viewed from Istanbul's harbor


The ceiling of the Hagia Sophia (with repair scaffolding)


The Blue Mosque, viewed from Istanbul's harbor


The ceiling of the Blue Mosque


Our relatively small ship, the Corinthian, docks at Katapola, Greece, on Amorgos Island


The main drag on the Greek Isle of Skopelos


Each Greek Isle's architecture is unique; This is Symi Town on Symi Isle


The unique architecture of Pyrgi Town is on Chios Isle


Another sample of Pyrgi architecture on Chios Isle

We hike down into the still-steaming caldera of the volcano on Nysiros Isle


Still steaming


600 monks and 3,500 women and children took refuge in this Nea Moni monastery

on Chios Isle in 1822 during the Greek War of Independence;

The Ottomans slaughtered them all in this monastery during the "Massacre of Chios"


Wood carvings and paintings inside a church in Mesta Village on Chios Isle


Peter & Lieschen hike up to the Monastery of Khozoviotissa on Amorgos Isle



Chora were often built near the center of Greek Isles to hide and repel pirates;

Here is the main street in the Chora (fortified village) on Folegandros Isle



But the action in the Chora of Folegandros is on the main square



The Chapel of the Seven Martyrs on Sifnos Isle



Athens, Greece: the view north from the parapets below the Acropolis



The Parthenon undergoing perennial repair



Sunset over the Acropolis


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