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Inside the grounds of the Grand Palace in Bangkok



Bangkok's Wat Khun Chan temple complex, viewed from Bangkok's canals



Life on Bangkok's canals includes satellite television



We sail for 10 days in our chartered schooner, the Raja Laut,

into the Mergui Archipelago, off the south coast of Burma (Myanmar)



Raising the sails on the Raja Laut



The Raja Laut anchors near fishing boats at a tiny village in the Mergui Archipelago


Fishing is the main human activity in the Mergui Archipelago;

This boat seeks calamari at night, using the strings of lights on its booms to attract the squid



A pristine beach connects two islands at low tide



Children stop by for a visit



The few tiny villages that we encounter are nonetheless filled with life



Sugar cane happiness



Monks seek alms in a small coastal village the Mergui Archipelago



Stairway to Heaven?

This tiny village devotes most of its land to its temple/stupa complex



A mangrove swamp at a remote island in the Mergui Archipelago



This beach was so beautiful that we sent our tender back to the Raja Laut

to retrieve all of our cameras



We enter an extinct volcano by its only feasible entrance (and only when the tide is right)



Sunset on board the Raja Laut




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