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Stockholm's unique architecture


More of Stockholm's architecture,

on Gamla Stan (Old Town)


A view from the royal palace (Kungliga Slottet) in Stockholm


One side of the Kungliga Slottet


Lieschen captures the interior of Drottningholm Palace outside Stockholm,

still the residence of the royal family


Riga, Latvia, is proud of its unique architecture


A children's folkloric performance in the Small Guild building, Riga, Latvia


The Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Tallinn, Estonia


We walk from the Upper Town to the Lower Town in Tallinn, Estonia


Saint Petersburg, Russia, viewed from the General Staff Building

of the Hermitage (housing the famous Impressionist collection)


A pedestrian mall in Saint Petersburg, Russia


The interior of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg


The interior of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg


A hallway in the Hermitage;

Normally crowded, our group enjoyed a private evening visit


The Peterhof Palace outside Saint Petersburg;

Former summer residence of the Russian tsars


Strolling the hallways of the Peterhof Palace


The weaker Baltic countries have a long history of domination by their stronger neighbors;

This painting in Finland's National Museum depicts the Russian eagle

attempting to rip the Book of Laws from the fair damsel Finland


Lieschen captures a whimsically decorated bicycle on Jarso Island

 (part of the Aland Islands, Swedish speaking but now belonging to Finland))


Peter & Lieschen outside the Peterhof Palace


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